Ancestry and Childhood of Adolf Hitler

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Avisto Manna

6/11/20232 min read

Born on 20th April 1889, at Brannau Am Inn, Austria to Alois and Klara Hitler, Adolf Hitler was the 4th of six children and one of the 2 of surviving ones. His father was nearly 52 years old at that time of Adolf’s birth.

Ancestry and Childhood of Adolf Hitler

To disentangle the mystery of Hitler’s ancestry , Belgian journalist Jean Paul Mulders teamed up with historian Marc Vermeen collected sample from 39 living relatives of Adolf Hitler. Test were then conducted to reveal samples principle haplogroups, which are set of chromosomes that geneticists use to define specific populations. Mulders reported that the dominant gene found in his relatives were rare in West Europeans but common among North Africans particularly the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia which were the major lineages of Jewish populations.

The surname “Hitler” eventually means one who lives in a hut / a shepherd, was adopted by Alois at the age of 39. The word originated from Slavic word Hidlar and Hidlarcek. The family moved to Germany when Alois 3 years old. When he grew up he finally started living on a small farm and took Bee keeping and farming. This is the place where young Hitler grew up , attending village school and playing Cowboys and Indians.

The family’s economic problems forced them to relocate to Lambach. Here Hitler attended a Catholic School. At that time Hitler thought he will be a priest. The wall of this church he was engraved with ‘Swastika’ which later become the symbol of the might of Nazi Germany.

Hitler’s personality was totally changed after demise of his younger brother. The studious Hitler was loose his confidence, he detached from study. He often picked up fight with his father and teachers. But his mother gave him emotional support.

Hitler wanted to become a painter whereas his father wanted him to become a customs officer. He deliberately failed at the first year examination in technical high school to show his father that the worthlessness of forcing him.

After his father sudden demise Hitler was so errant at the technical high school. The school authorities asked him to leave. That was the very end of his education.

He therefore visited to Vienna to register in any prestigious Art school. But was unable, because during the admission test he not able to paint lively as expected.

His mother died due to a prolong battle with breast cancer in 1907.From that time he had to live with orphan’s pension at his father’s small farm house.