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Victor Chakraborty

3/16/20232 min read


Its a warm Sunday summer afternoon and you decide to take a small trip with your family to a local waterfall. You pack your bag put your water bottles inside and you are ready for a nice afternoon. After a couple of hours of drive you reach a majestic waterfall. You come close to the waterfall and jaw is left wide open with what you see. The water is going upwards instead going down. Is this real? Is this the waterfall of Asgard and Odin the true protector of it? ( Marvel fans please don't kill me) or has the physics decided to not act here ? Maybe physics is annoyed with the lack of science knowledge in modern world

Well first thing first the laws of physics can never be defied. It will remain same everywhere. The acts of gravity and nuclear forces will remain same for you, Donald Trump , sun and Falastahatha ( A type of Trilobyte living in the Earth 46, Multiverse lovers will love this) no matter where you are. Depending upon the local body around you the intensity of gravitation might change but it will never stop acting. So nowhere on this world physics can be defied except for the Fast and furious 9 movie.



The act of gravity is such that everything no matter where it is on earth will eventually fall or will have a tendency to fall ( if held by something as force acting against gravity). The falling nature of gravity is true everywhere in earth and the solar system. The prime reason why Earth is revolving around the sun and the apple falling on Newton’s head are both same, that is Gravity ( Though some students really hoped that a coconut fell on his head then lot of things in science wouldn't have to be studied in school levels). So when you look into that upward moving waterfall it has to be understood that gravity is still acting on the waterfall but something else is also a hidden factor here which is temporarily creating this phenomena


The secret lies in the wind. The reason why such phenomena of Reverse waterfall occurs it is because of high velocity winds flowing towards the waterfall causes this effect. It has been seen that when the wind flows with a velocity of 75kmph then it blows away a part of the flowing stream upwards. As the wind gets blocked due to the cliff it rises upwards and it takes a major part of the stream with it. Hence everything looks like anti gravity there when it is actually not. So here it is Mystery Solved for you guys.

FIG1- Source- Indiatimes. Reverse waterfall of Naneghat, Maharashtra